Friday, April 23, 2010


This is a true story based on actual facts.
One day I am sitting in my backyard minding my own business,when these skeeters (my Aunt Roberta calls them Crane Flies but they are skeeters) come into my territory and antagonize me. So what do I do? What any big mean cat does! I chase them all over the yard, knocking down mommy's silly plants and all of a sudden I hear "Sophia stop it.... Sophia stop it now....Sophia I said no...ok TIME OUT! Time out??? Qu'est-ce que TIME OUT? Suddenly my mommy picks me up and literally drops me in the house behind our screen door. Now I do not know about you, but this is not TIME OUT. This is TIME IN.
Prisoners do not do "Time Out" they do Time In.
Needless to say, I eventually got out of time out. Now I want to hear from all my friends on what you think of this TIME OUT thingy. Write to me.

Missy Sophia

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RedCat said...

My dear Missy Sophia,

TIME OUT is for us kitties nothing more than preventing us from pursuing our own needs or interests. Yes, it is definitely TIME IN if you're ourdoors!
Last week I was calmly sitting in front of the patio door while Mommy and Daddy had dinner. I saw an INTRUDER in my yard - so I assumed the crouch and leap position. Mommy saw me and looked out the door. All of a sudden she scoops me up and throws me inside, much like you were, my dear. The intruder was a BOBCAT! Mommy scared the pee out of it and it leaped over the back fence in a nanno second. I was kept in TIME IN for the rest of the evening and even the next morning.
Now sometimes TIME OUT/IN is a good thing - like when a snake or bobcat is threatening your safety. But those "skeeters" drive me crazy, too! I swat them and try to squish them with my paw. Mommy takes a broom and tries to swat them, too - it's hilarious! Just give your Mommy a few kitty kisses and she'll melt in your paws, just like mine does. Who can resist your beautiful face? Here's an idea - go get Misty and send HER outside to swat the Crane Flies - er, I mean skeeters - let her take the rap for running after those darn things! You'll get to lounge out in the yard again...
Love, your devoted RedCat