Friday, March 26, 2010

Joseph & Chico

This is my very favorite book. Chico is a lucky catholic cat because he lives at the Vatican with the Pope! Read about his exciting life in his own words. Ask your Mommy or Poppy to buy it at and read it to you before sleepy time.

It's All About Meoww,

Missy Sophia


Anonymous said...

Hi my dear Sophia,
My Mommy loves this book! So do I!
Check out my blog to see pictures of my new hooman, Hayden. She's coming to see me!
Love, RedCat

Missy Sophia said...

Mon Cheri RedCat,
I knew you are one of the "intelligenzia" when I saw you. I shall go quickly to you blog to see Missy Hayden. PS I got TIME OUT the other day.
I shall address this silly thing on my next post
Missy Sophia