Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Breaking News.....

Cecilia, the asthmatic dying cat married her owner, a nutty German postman yesterday. This is the first and I hope, last, inter species marriage of all times. This is equivalent to the Mafia finding you a wife or husband. Why couldn't Cecelia sniff out her own mate? If this German dude really loved Cecelia he would have given her the ultimate gift of selecting her soul mate and no doubt she would have picked the very dapper and dashing REDCAT!!! Meowwww

I am strong against inter species marriage. I'd like to hear from my furry friends on this one.

It's All About Meoww
Missy Sophia


Anonymous said...

My dear Sophia,

What a nut-case this German postman is! He must have been smoking some of Cecelia's catnip! He's obviously confused! Does he have any considerable fur on his body? A long tail? (I won't go there!) Can he hunt mice and baby rabbits? Can he really meow? If not, then he's not a feline! However, my dear Sphia, your RedCat is true to you only, my dear. Cecelia doesn't hold my interest the way you do, my precious one! She'll have to find her own feline and ditch that goofy hooman!
Love, RedCat

Missy Sophia said...

You send chills up my tail