Thursday, January 7, 2010

Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest

Look at this face!!! Ooooh it's a persian, just like meowwww. Breaking news.....
Bissell Inc., a very nice company that has vacuum cleaning stuff, is sponsoring a photo contest "Most Valuable Pet". Get those cameras ready to capture your beautiful face cause if you win, your photo will be put on Bissell products. Imagine your precious face on a vacuum cleaner!! Have your mommy or poppy send your very best photo to Bissell website before the March 25 deadline. If your photo is selected, this nice company will donate $10,000, yup,$10,000 to your favorite charity. You also get a $500 shopping spree - just clothes, jewel collars, luxury beds, oh my.

Missy Sophia

1 comment:

RedCat said...

mmmmmeeeooooowww! My dear Lady Sophia! It should be your beautiful face that Bissell puts on its products! You deserve better than a vacuum cleaner, though. A fine bottle of expensive wine, well-balanced, aged and rare - that's where your fine features belong!
Love, your Tiger, RedCat