Monday, December 14, 2009

Kitty Kristmas Korner

Attention all kitties and mature felines. Is your Kristmas Korner ready? Do not fret, there's still time. Find a very nice visible corner, preferably close to the chimney, and fill it with all your favorite Kristmas toys of past. This is sure to get Santa's attention. Remember, he and his reindeers are going to be very busy, so there is not alot of time for him to drop off presents.

If you don't have your Kristmas Korner ready, there is no guarantee that Santa will know he is in the right house. What will you do with a dog bone or an IPhone? This is why getting your Kitty Korner ready is a must. Once Santa comes down the chimney, he will see your korner and leave lots of feline gifts for you.

Ho Ho Ho,

Missy Sophia


RedCat said...

Merry Christmas, Darling,
Even though we're apart,
You're close to my heart...
(OOHHH, here that song by the Carpenters playing in your head?)
Love, RedCat

Missy Sophia said...

My Dear RedCat,
Sipping too much eggnog? Is your Kitty Kristmas Korner ready? I am very excited that Santa is coming to my house soon. I asked him to bring me your presents.

Ho Ho Ho,
Missy Sophia