Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lounge in Luxury

Animal prints for the fashionable feline should be at the top of your meowwww want list for Christmas.

Everything from electric blankets to cozy cushions are featured in meowww like tiger and leopard prints.

There is a large selection of bed warmers that not only give you added warmth and comfort, but are made from orthopedic foam pads and thermostate controlled heaters....purrrrfect for the winter season.

Available at your favorite pet boutique or salon.

Missy Sophia


Anonymous said...

My dear Lady Sophia,

Meeooww! I love the little Italian Hideaway you are sitting in! How I would love to snuggle up with you in there! I once had a leopard print insulated nap pad that my Mommy got me. I like her legs much better!

Think of me while you are lounging in your hideaway, my sweet.
Love RedCat

Missy Sophia said...

Mon Cherie,

I sense the Tiger in you...

Missy Sophia