Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Day, Another Treat

Yummmmy. I came across another delicious snack from non other than Drs.Foster and Smith which are the liver bites!! You can chose between 100% chicken liver, beef liver, or lamb liver. I go for the lamb myself, I do not eat birds.

These treats have no salt, sugar or preservatives.
Just what the doctor ordered, he he, get it??

Eat away my furry feline friends.

Missy Sophia

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RedCat said...

My dear Lady Sophia,
My Mommy shops Drs. Foster and Smith. too! I love liver and would love to share these snacks with you with the sun setting behind the mountains on a glorious evening here in the desert...I was outside with my Mommy and Daddy yesterday evening - it was beautiful! Enjoy, my precious one...
Love, RedCat