Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fancy Feast Appetizers

While I am not big on wet food, I understand these new appetizers by Fancy Feast are simply scrumptious.

There is a steamed talapia appetizer, shredded beef, salmon and white meat chicken. They come in 2 oz servings and I saw them on sale at Petsmart.
And are simply meowwwwwww


clavichord said...

Hi Sophia,
You sure are a pretty pussy cat! I would love to serenade you at night in the moonlight...I'm a handsome RED TABBY - slim and trim and very affectionate! Maybe our humans can arrange a date...
I love FanciFeast Flaked Tuna and Beef and Liver. My Mommy only gives me these treats once a week. We could share one of your appetizers on a reomantic evening.
RedCat Klodt

Missy Sophia said...

Hi RedCat
I am so excited you are a follower. Treats once a week is very good, be careful not to over indulge. Gotta keep that handsome red physique. Ooh, send me your picture. Rumor has it you can make the felines meowwwww.